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Welcome to the "HOMESCHOOLS" internet e-mail loop. This e-mail loop exists as a way to unite home educators in the area, and to provide information about community or group activities that offer educational opportunities in Northwest Arkansas. ANY local homeschooling family is invited to join.

The loop is hosted by Northwest Arkansas Christian Home Educators Association (NWACHEA). This does NOT mean that subscribers must be a member of the NWACHEA group to belong to the "HOMESCHOOLS" loop - in fact, we welcome anyone with an interest in home education. What it does mean, however, is that the guidelines of this community have been established with input from the leadership of NWACHEA, and are based on the principles outlined in NWACHEA's Constitution and Articles of Faith (see the "Membership" section at for more details). The moderators defer to the authority of the NWACHEA Steering Committee in regard to the policies and direction of the group.

Some activities announced through the e-mail loop are open only to members of NWACHEA. Other NWACHEA-sponsored events, such as spelling bees, require an entrance fee for non-members. Other groups in the area are invited to post information about their activities; please be sure to identify the group, and give contact information for those who may want to learn more.

"HOMESCHOOLS" is an open discussion list, meaning all messages are distributed to the entire list. Every member can post messages and replies. Please use common-sense caution about sharing things in a public forum, particularly with family or personal information. A good rule of thumb is never to write anything in a group e-mail that you would not write on a postcard. When in doubt, it is always wiser to send these types of things in a private e-mail.

Group moderators are:


The "HOMESCHOOLS" group guidelines:

    1. Parents only may post messages to this list. Of course, parents may inform the loop of their children's activities (such as plays, recitals, symphony orchestra performances, etc.) We love children and want to hear what is going on in their lives.

    2. Please be specific with your subject line. Many people read subject lines and delete if not interested. We ask that you post not be extremely long ... if you post long messages, most people will not read them. There can be a lot of impact in a few carefully chosen lines.

    3. Please do not post items that would be offensive to others. The moderators reserve the right to determine what is offensive, and those messages will be deleted without notice. In extreme cases, a member may be removed from the group.

    Please try to keep things on an encouraging note. We can discuss issues without becoming hostile, and look to Scripture for the answer if we disagree. Please handle personal disagreements privately, so as not to embarrass anyone. We should all remain teachable.

    4. Please do not submit "forwarded" type items. There are certain things we do not want sent in. The first is warnings about different companies. We have found most of these to be hoaxes. The second is lovely stories from the Internet. We have to consider all these items fictitious, because we do not have time to verify the posts or their sources.

    Note: We wish to keep the "HOMESCHOOLS" e-newsletter an email that every subscriber looks forward to receiving. Most of us do not have time to read many lovely stories and such. We prefer to hear from you personally.

    We have been warned that forwarded items can contain computer viruses from the original sender. Therefore, please DO NOT FORWARD items to the loop. We suggest that you "copy" the original e-mail, then "paste" it into a new message from yourself. This will also eliminate all the computer coding that comes with forwarded items.

    Please note that we do NOT allow attached files. Any attachments will be removed automatically before the message is distributed to the group.

    5. Members may recommend different websites they have found to be helpful, and other things that are appropriate. Please, be careful what you recommend, because it is almost impossible to verify the source.

    6. Classified ads may be sent to the loop. The ad will be distributed to all members who receive e-mail messages.

    * In the subject line of your e-mail, please write "FS" (indicating FOR SALE), then list the item(s).

    * If you would like to purchase something, please write "WLB" (meaning WOULD LIKE TO BUY), then list the item(s).

    * We ask that you post your for-sale items only ONCE PER MONTH.

    Disclaimer: Post items at your own risk; NWACHEA and the group moderators are not responsible for - and will not become involved with - any problems in transactions. Please be honest and give full information about your product (edition, date, condition, etc.)

    Intent: The intent of this e-mail loop is NOT to be a curriculum swap. The intent is to be for sharing local news and announcements. The classified ads are welcomed in order for our membership to share and help one another.

    7. If you own a business, home business or otherwise, the loop is not for your advertising. If you have a website, you are invited to add the URL and a brief description of services offered, at the end of any post. The vision of the loop is not to include a large amount of commercial advertising.

    We do have many home educators who own home businesses. We encourage members to patronize businesses owned by other homeschool families. Information on the businesses owned by NWACHEA members is included in the NWACHEA Member Directory. The membership form provides a place to give information for your business.

    Please note: messages that promote instruction (such as piano and art lessons, ballet, karate, and other classes) are welcomed. We make a distinction between someone who offers teaching, and those who would like to advertise goods through the group.

    8. Vendors are invited to join this loop. Vendors are defined as companies or individual who sell homeschool educational curriculum, books, or supplies. We feel that the vendors have wonderful products to offer and they may help our subscribers by making their materials known.

    9: Guidelines for political e-mails:

    It will quickly become apparent on any e-mail group that not everyone has the same ideas or the same way of seeing things. While this can be frustrating, we ask members to approach political posts as:

    * A chance to learn;

    * An opportunity to share with other people your questions, your ideas, your insights and how you arrived at them;

    * A means of creating a greater bond of community among local home educators.

    The "HOMESCHOOLS" group has established the following guidelines in regard to political posts, so that reasonable discourse may be enjoyed by all. Without trying to limit members' judgement and flexibility, the following will NOT be tolerated:

    * Posts that attack the MOTIVATION or INTENTIONS of others for their views.

    * Posts that attack the CHARACTER of others.

    * Posts that attack the INTELLIGENCE of others.

    * Posts that are PARTISAN RANTS.

    * Posts that are an invitation to DEBATE politics, or that generate especially controversial discussions.

    Your moderators ask that any e-mails on political topics be informative messages that direct subscribers to web sites or events, where they have the option of pursuing the information or not. We reserve the right to definte what is offensive, and to ask for an end to discussions that create too much division or controversy.

    10. Rights Reserved: The moderators of the "HOMESCHOOLS" group reserve the right to limit or delete any message or subscription that becomes a problem.

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    Thank you for taking your time to participate in our list.
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